“Who′s the Expert?”

The question on everyone's lips.

The Bitbucket Server plugin that answers the question.

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You know this story...

Boris, a member of the Operations team, walks into the middle of the Dev area and says, quite loudly, and with a slight panic in his voice, "Who knows about the Customer Account Info service?"

Boris is not happy

A couple of Devs prick up their ears nervously, then slide their eyes, almost undetectably, back toward their screens without making a sound.

Poor Natasha, the new girl on the Dev team sitting in the probie seat next to the aisle, bears the full brunt of Boris' next question: "Could you please come and have a look at a Production issue?"

Many engineering teams have found themselves in this situation. Is it modesty, shame, or just sheer forgetfulness? Who knows why, but it is often hard to find out who the expert is for a piece of software.

Boris is not happy

We'll show you the experts

The "Who's the Expert?" plugin solves one of the big problems of large and growing codebases: no one seems to know who the experts are, not even the experts themselves.

Maybe you're an Ops or QA trying to find who can help you troubleshoot an issue. Maybe you're a Dev who's trying to grok some old code and wondering who can give you a sane overview. "Who's the Expert?" can help you find out who has the knowledge you need at the very moment that you need help.

By analysing the commits to your repositories, it's able to answer both of these questions:

"Who has contributed the most to this project over the past few years?"

"Who has made the most significant changes in recent months?"

Be assured: we're not just counting the number of commits or the lines added and removed. The plugin analyses the content of each commit to determine who's really been putting the most significant changes into the codebase. It will help Boris and Natasha get their answer in no time, and it will help you answer the question on everyone's lips: "Who's the Expert?"

"Who's the Expert" in action.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We write code in pairs and we even commit with the pair as the author. How does the plugin cope with that?

"Who's the Expert?" detects paired commits and attributes the value of the commit to each individual author. Many common formats for multi-author commits are supported. If you find it's not working for your format, please let us know and we'll fix it up.

Why doesn't my score change when I push new code?

Analysing two and a half years' worth of commits can be a fairly I/O- and compute-intensive task, so we cache the results for each repository for up to 24 hours to prevent your Bitbucket server from melting its chassis.

I changed my email address (or name) and now I appear on the experts list twice. Any way to fix that?

Yep! Git contains a built-in feature, called a '.mailmap' file, that can be used to merge author identities. You can read the details on the git-shortlog man page, and you can see an example here.

I've got an idea of how to improve "Who's the Expert?" Do you accept feature requests?

Sure! We'd love to hear how we can make the plugin even more useful for you. Please email your ideas to friendly-people@belmonttechnology.com.au

I think I found a bug. How can I report it?

Ouch! Really sorry if we've caused you some inconvenience. Send an email about it to friendly-people@belmonttechnology.com.au and we'll look into it.

How is the score calculated?

Now, now. Every good piece of software has its secret sauce, and this is the magic behind "Who's the Expert?". Rest assured that the scoring algorithm was devised by people who have a lot of experience with large codebases and have thought a lot about what contributions are more valuable than others.

Can I game the system to increase my score?

Absolutely! All you need to do is get back to work and start pushing valuable contributions to the code!

Contact Us

Got a question? Need some help? Found a bug or want to request a feature?

No worries! Just email us at friendly-people@belmonttechnology.com.au and we'll respond as soon as we can.